Health Literacy Education Materials

Health Literacy Education Materials

What is health literacy?

Health literacy is one of the contemporary topics in health promotion; it is a useful tool in preservation and promotion of status of health among citizens. This presentation provides basic and necessary health literacy information. The presentation is available as pdf.

Health Literacy Need Analysis Results

HLS-EU Q47 and general self efficacy surveys were carried out in project partner countries in order to determine the health literacy status and to shape the health literacy education program for the general public. The results are given by individual countries and all together for comparison purposes. The health literacy analysis results are provided in pdf file.

Self efficacy scale is developed in Germany and validated in many research is available in several languages.The construct of Perceived Self-Efficacy reflects an optimistic self-belief (Schwarzer, 1992). This is the belief that one can perform a novel or difficult tasks, or cope with adversity — in various domains of human functioning. Perceived self-efficacy facilitates goal-setting, effort investment, persistence in face of barriers and recovery from setbacks. It can be regarded as a positive resistance resource factor. Ten items are designed to tap this construct. Each item refers to successful coping and implies an internal-stable attribution of success. Perceived self-efficacy is an operative construct, i.e., it is related to subsequent behavior and, therefore, is relevant for clinical practice and behavior change. For more information please visit the developers’ web page.

General self efficacy scale faq is available, which provides more information about the scale from the developer himself.

Health Literacy Educators Guide

This guide is for health literacy educators who provides health literacy education and training for the general public.
This guide consist of;

  • Sitting plans
  • Education guides
  • Evaluation forms
  • Pre-test and post-test questions samples.

This guide will be useful for health care providers mainly responsible for providing and increasing the level of health literacy for the public as part of their jobs; this guide covers educational skills which is necessary to convey health literacy knowledge to adult population. This is a short educational guide available in pdf format.

The long version of the health literacy educators guide is available with notes to educators, practical session samples and examples. The long version of the education guide is available in pdf format.

Health Literacy Training Modules

This health literacy training modules cover fundamentals areas in health literacy. They were written in a language so they would be easy to understand and applied by the general public. The following modules can be viewed or downloaded as pdf file. This modules don’t cover the provision of health care services for the public in English language, because they vary between countries.

Health Literacy,  Healthy Living Skills

Health Literacy, Management of Chronic Diseases

Health Literacy, Communication in Health Literacy

Health literacy education modules are also available as a collection in multilingual pdf file. Health Literacy education modules for general public multilingual pdf.

Although this is not one of the project activities, healthy eating is a part of healthy living skills. That is why a cook book consisting of healthy meal examples are provided as pdf.  A collection of healthy meal recipes.