HEAL EU Project Partners

Gazi University

Gazi University is one of the few universities whose history dates back to 1920s in Turkey. Today, Gazi University carries out its educational and research activities with its 21 faculties, 5 colleges, 11 Vocational High Schools, 35 research centers and 7 institutes.
It still claims it is a higher education institution which is worthy to Atatürk. The university has faculties of Education, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Architecture, Economics and Administrative, Communication, Science of Arts, Law, Fine Arts.  Read More

Ankara Governorship EU and Foreign Affairs Unit

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the second largest city after Istanbul in Turkey. The city has a population around 5.05 million. Ankara is one of the most important training and research centers of the country. It has 18 universities, several of which are among reputable ones in the country.  Read more

Ankara Directorate of National Education (AMEM)

Ankara Directorate of National Education is the second biggest local authority after the Ministry of Education in Turkey. It is responsible for the planning , coordination and management of all kinds of educational and training activities for preprimary, primary, secondary, vocational, technical , SEN schools and adult education in 25 districts of Ankara.  Read more

Associazione OMNIS

The Associazione OMNIS is a not profit association founded in 2008 by a group of lawyers with the mission of creating a “virtual and real space” of change and debate by different ethnic groups resident in Umbria region. The Association has involved the different foreign communities in several activities and social and cultural events such as conferences, shows, thematic meetings.  Read more

Bulgarian Development Agency Sdruzhenie (BDA)

The Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA)  is a non-profit association based in Sofia undertaking activities for public benefit. The association aims to contribute to the regional development as well as to promote the democratic and integration processes in the context of Knowledge society.  Read more


ISIS is a private social science research, training and consultancy institute, founded in 1991 and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2014 ISIS changed its legal status from a private partnership into a limited liability company. Situation analysis, problem identification as well as the development and testing of structural and personal solutions to problems, are the essence of its work.  Read more